Grandma’s Visit


  • I hate spring time change. I’ve been getting 8 hours of sleep every night and am still exhausted.


  • I had a really bad day Wednesday but after Jaeger took Calvin for his night time routine I went to our local Borders. They have a Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop in there and it makes some of the best hot chocolate I’ve had at a coffee shop (which sadly wouldn’t take much). They top the hot chocolate with whipped cream, white chocolate shavings, and provide a chocolate stick to stir it all together.
  • Mom came to visit Calvin on Thursday. On Saturday night Mom and I went to a “girls night out” at a church member’s house and watched The Young Victoria. Sunday night, mom babysat Calvin while Jaeger and I went out to dinner and ate ice cream. Monday night we celebrated Calvin’s birthday (part 1) and ate Pineapple Upside Down Cake (there will be more cake on his real birthday).
  • I broke down and replaced my lost iPod Nano with a black 16GB 5th gen iPod Nano. Unlike my failed Sony Walkman experience, the iPod connected flawlessly to my Windows 7 computer.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin has started to randomly repeat my phrases as I talk. I’ll be talking to myself or someone else and out of the blue he’ll say exactly what I just said. I guess it’s time to be extra careful about what I say in front of him.


  • Haven’t done anything recently.

3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Visit

  1. Yanthor

    I forget whether I posted about it on, but Anya and I really enjoyed The Young Victoria and we own it on Blu-ray. IIRC it won an Oscar for Costume Design, and for good reason IMHO. The visuals were very lush.

  2. Kiesa

    Yes, I agree it was very interesting. I read that for the most part it was fairly accurate and now I’m wondering about the accuracy of various snippets. For instance, I found the whole debate over the queen’s ladies to be fascinating.

  3. Yanthor

    Oh yes, the foofarah regarding the queen’s ladies was a very real scandal. It has a name:”Bedchamber Crisis”



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