St. Mary’s Square Playground, San Francisco, CA

The last couple of weeks have been busy. Calvin and I went out to visit Nana, Jaeger’s mother, early so she could have more time with Calvin. Than the rest of the family arrived a couple of days later. After Christmas we flew to San Francisco and are decompressing from family time before going to visit Jaeger’s grandmother. This was our second full day in San Francisco. We went to Chinatown and wandered around the streets for a while. While there, we stumbled across a playground in St. Mary’s Square1. To my surprise it was mostly deserted . Maybe it was just the wrong time of day for families to be their with their children.

The playground is small but has a nice selection of equipment. The equipment seems fairly new but is showing some sign of wear and tear. The first thing Calvin tried out was the double teeter-totter-type thing.

Next, he played for a bit with the Playworks structure which was very similar to the one at East Boulder Community Park.

They also had a train which looked like it could entertain a variety of ages.

The last piece of equipment was a semi-traditional playground set that is probably officially designed for 5-12 year-olds. Calvin enjoyed climbing on the rope ladder but other than that seemed to get bored of it fairly quickly.

They also had some swings outside the fenced area but we didn’t get around to those. It was a nice little park and provided a great opportunity for Calvin to run around and get energy out before once again braving the Chinatown crowds.

Features 5-12 year old equipment, 2-5 year old equipment, rope bridge, slide, new-style teeter-totter, sand play works, train, swings
Surface Material Poured Rubber and sand
Restrooms No
Water fountain No
Shade Yes, mainly provided by the tall buildings around the park.
Picnic area No.
Parking I believe it’s on top of a parking garage but we walked there.
  • Nice place to take a break in the middle of the city
  • Provides a couple of playground pieces for a variety of ages
  • Eqipment showing some wear and tear, though most is still fine.
  • It’s a city so there’s homeless people, though none were near the enclosed part of the playground.

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  1. Also yet another statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, they’re everywhere.

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