Two years after Jaeger acquired an iPod, I have finally broken down and also gotten one. However, mine is a new 2 GB Nano. I really don’t listen to music very much. However, my library will soon be providing downloadable audio books to patrons and I thought it would be interesting to try the downloadable audio book experience (I currently check out CD audio books for my drive to and from work but am starting to run out of interesting books to try).

I wasn’t convinced I should get an iPod. However, nothing else really caught my eye. All the other players I found looked like cheap knockoffs of the ipod. I’m not saying they are cheap knockoffs, they just looked that way. Before deciding for sure on an iPod, I did some research to make sure I’d be able to use it the way I wanted. Everything seemed to work out so Thursday Jaeger stopped by Best Buy and picked it up for me.

I didn’t actually have time to play around with it much until Friday night. As I started setting it up, one of the screens asked me for its name and I realized much to my shock that I hadn’t considered a name for it. I was pretty sure it was female (my last male electronic was replaced around 5 years ago). Jaeger offered to help by setting out our various DVDs hoping for inspiration. However, I felt we had too many TV/Movie characters floating around at the moment. So, I wandered over to our bookshelf of favorite books and started browsing. I got to The Belgariad and realized my iPod’s name was Ce’Nedra (Wikipedia’s article seems to ignore her more adorable aspects).

So, now I’m the proud owner of an ipod named Ce’Nedra. Now I just have to figure out how to pronounce that name . . .

3 thoughts on “Ce’Nedra

  1. Kiesa

    I found this site (http:–kryogenix.org-afe-tecII-tape-transcript.cas) which claims to be a transcript of a David Edding’s tape. Acording to it, Ce’Nedra should be pronounced as suh-NAYdruh .

  2. Kiesa

    Ummm … it’s hard to explain. She just is. Granted, she tends to be most adorable when she’s trying to get something. However, it’s still amusing.

  3. Jaeger

    I don’t suppose you’d care to enlighten us regarding Ce’Nedra’s more adorable aspects, which Wikipedia is ignorant of?


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