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About Me
I’m a librarian, wife, and mother. My favorite activities include reading, hiking, and playing games with friends.

About This Blog
The purpose of this blog is to keep family and friends informed about my life and interests as well as to double as a personal journal (albeit one the entire world can read). Most of my posts are written for a very limited audience and will bore the vast majority of people on the internet.

Comment Policy
I reserve the right to disallow or remove any comments submitted to this blog. I do enjoy hearing a variety of opinions assuming the opinions can be expressed in a respectful manner. The types of comments that may be disallowed/removed include, but are not limited to, comments that are abusive, upsetting, inappropriate, off-topic, or spam.

All users who have not previously commented go to moderation. This does not mean your comment will not appear, it just means that I have to find the time to manually approve them. These days I have a screaming infant so it may not be instantaneous but usually will be approved within 24 hrs. If you have a comment that has been removed in the past, future comments may need to be moderated before they appear. Or, they might never appear.

2 thoughts on “About Me/Comment Policy

  1. Sarah Howlett

    I love your parks features! I posted a link on the Boulder County Parents of Twins FB group because I think my fellow twin families will love discovering new places. Thanks for doing this!


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