Week 11

Originally posted to the anonymous pregnancy blog September 6, 2008.

Before I was pregnant I read everything I could find about what I should expect. Several books recommended that I keep a journal of my pregnancy. This seemed like a good idea so I started this blog. However, I think these books forgot to mention that, at least for me, the first trimester of pregnancy is pretty boring. This is probably good. It’s much better to have a boring, predictable pregnancy than an exciting one filled with unexpected complications.

I still feel lousy most days. However, I’ve only thrown up three times. I have food aversions and bloating but I haven’t experienced the other potential first trimester signs such as fatigue.

Currently, my husband and I feel like we’re in a holding pattern. We’ve only told my family and a few friends that I’m pregnant but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid accidentally telling people. I have my next doctor appointment Monday and, assuming everything sounds normal, we’re thinking of starting to spread the news after that. It’ll be a relief to finally tell people, especially my co-workers. Every morning I’ve been carefully analyzing my wardrobe and once dressed, I’ll ask my husband, “does this make me look pregnant?”

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