First Trimester Screening

Originally posted to the anonymous pregnancy blog September 23, 2008.

Last Thursday I went to a clinic for first trimester screening. From what I hear, it’s a relatively new test that combines your family history, an ultrasound screen and a blood test and comes up with the probability that your baby might have Down syndrome, Trisomy 13, or Trisomy 18 abnormalities. I’m only 29 so my risk was relatively low but I always like double checking everything 🙂 The ultrasound results were reassuring but I didn’t get the blood work results back until today. They also were positive good (my husband pointed out that positive generally means bad things in this context. The test were all normal indicating no abnormalities). As with everything, they can’t tell me there’s no chance our child will have a chromosome abnormality but it is unlikely.

This is the test my husband and I have been waiting for to start telling everyone. Our mothers have been straining at the bit to start boasting so I expect the whole world to know by tomorrow now that they have the go-ahead :-)

In other news, I finally tackled the closet in our soon-to-be-ex-library and new baby room. The closet is now empty awaiting baby stuff.

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