American Pizza

Today I tried making American Pizza using the leftover dough from my previous pizza making attempt. Unfortunately, I managed to roll the dough too thin and Jaeger thinks it needed more toppings. However, he liked my pizza sauce and also I think the cheese mixture was about right.

Notes for next time:

  • The pizza crust is about right but make sure not to roll it as thin
  • The pizza sauce was good. I used about 1/2 cup for the pizza (more than that would probably make it too soggy)
  • I created this pizza with olives and artichokes. Jaeger thought the toppings were a little sparse and suggested adding the following next time: mushrooms (obviously just on his side :-) ), peppers, tomato (if possible)
  • I also like the cheese mixture which consisted of 5 oz mozzarella, 2 oz swiss and 1 oz Parmesan

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