Up until around Thanksgiving I had nothing new worth posting. Since Thanksgiving I haven’t had time to post anything :-) However, the numerous airport delays I’ve experienced today have given me ample time to relax and write a couple of paragraphs. At first, the delays were almost nice as it allowed me a chance to do absolutely nothing. However, now I’m ready for my journey to be over.

Everything is going well with the pregnancy. Towards the beginning of November I had my 20 week anatomy scan and learned that we are having a boy. His name is Calvin. The pictures from the 13 week ultrasound were much clearer than it was in the 20 week. It must have been because he was bigger and it was harder to get all of him within the screen. I know the ultrasound tech isn’t allowed to say anything indicating whether or not there is a problem. However, throughout the process she kept saying things like, “and your 13 week ultrasound was normal?” The first time didn’t make me nervous. However, around the third time she asked I started to get worried. I’m still not sure why she was asking but at my latest doctors visit they confirmed that everything on this ultrasound did look normal :-)

I started feeling little flutters of movement around the middle of November. However, within just the last couple of weeks, I’ve started seeing him move. It’s odd, yet comforting, to see my stomach ripple. This usually happens as I go to bed and so Jaeger hasn’t had much of a chance to observe this yet. Up till just a couple of days ago, Calvin mostly moved when I got up or went to bed. However, yesterday he was very active in the middle of the day too.

Bethany, Jaeger’s sister, is getting married right after Christmas so last Monday I had to go shopping for an appropriate dress to wear for the wedding. I had really been dreading the shopping experience. In my unpregnant state, I enjoy shopping, especially at a thrift store where it turns into a treasure hunt. Since becoming pregnant, shopping has become much less exciting. However, my shopping experience Monday turned out to be great. There were quite a few “normal” dresses that fit me. In fact, I somehow managed to fit into a normal, non-maternity, size 6 dress. It was a little tight around the bust but I could have worn it. My main problem was finding a dress that didn’t show too much of my breasts. By necessity I’ve had to become a little less self-conscious about showing cleavage Apparently, maternity outfits assume you want to show off your newly enhanced cleavage. However, I did manage to find a couple of dresses that I felt comfortable in. The dress I finally bought didn’t even cost as much as my Jaeger’s tux rental did :-) Of course, I haven’t shopped for shoes yet so that’ll probably eat up all the difference.

I’m still not use to the idea of being pregnant. Most of the time I just feel like I’ve gained a lot of weight. I assume at some point my disbelief will lift and this will start feeling like reality?

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