Week 36

I’m now official on week 36 of my pregnancy. Back around four weeks ago, it seemed unlikely that I’d make it this far. As I mentioned before, I was in the hospital the first two weeks after which I released to bed rest until this week. I’m going off my medicine tonight so it’ll be interesting to see if anything happens. My doctor implied she has had cases of preterm labor before where they managed to stop the labor and then later had to induce labor because the baby decided it didn’t want to come out after all.

Other than the constant stress of uncertainty, nothing particularly interesting has happened recently. My normal routine is to work a couple of hours each day (I can do much of my work remotely). Then I work on whatever other projects need to be done such as trying to help our local academy pick out their own library system, shopping online for stuff we still need for Calvin, and other small projects. Somehow this manages to fill up most the day until Jaeger gets home from work.

Just this week, I handed in my summary of the library software options our academy has and have finished buying almost everything I “need” for Calvin. This has left me with a little more free time than normal which I’ve used reading, watching TV online, and napping. I’m getting big enough now that it has become tricky to sleep at night. I think one of my problems is I haven’t quite figured out the knack to using multiple pillows. Most nights, I’m still down to one for my head. Jaeger can work very well as a pregnancy pillow but has the annoying habit of moving around too much at night :-) (On the other hand, I’m afraid my tossing and turning is reducing his sleep as he’s waking up by himself at bizarrely early hours these days.)

Last night, I went to the second infant care class I had signed Jaeger and I up for. Last week was the first session and I had been unable to attend due to bed rest. However, I figured last night was close enough to 36 weeks that I could probably risk it. I don’t think I really learned much new that I hadn’t already learned from either books or videos. I found this pretty comforting as perhaps it means I’m not quite as clueless as I feel.

Today, I ventured out by myself to the store to pick up some baking supplies. It’s been driving me nuts being unable to bake for so long. Come to think of it, that might be why I wasn’t gaining enough weight (a little over a week ago my doctor was very distressed to learn that I hadn’t gained any weight for about 6 weeks). Since coming home, I’ve been trying to eat more (Jaeger went out of his way to buy me high calorie food including dark chocolate covered almonds :-) ) and I am once more gaining a good amount of weight each week. I have plans to make Almond Toffee today and possibly Sweet Rolls for Saturday morning if I manage to avoid labor for that long.

My plan for this coming week is to continue taking it pretty easy. My doctor told me I shouldn’t attempt to go back to work and instead should make sure I stay well rested. If Calvin has decided to avoid making an appearance by next Thursday, I think I’ll start up my normal exercise routine again. The weather is so nice right now I really want to go out walking but I have been on bed rest so long I doubt I could get very far.

I haven’t yet decided what my plan is if Calvin hasn’t shown up after week 37. It would be ironic yet somehow appropriate if Calvin has changed his mind and decided he doesn’t want to venture out into the world after all.

2 thoughts on “Week 36

  1. Kiesa

    Well, I suspect I’m not capable of fully enjoying the solitude until it’s gone 🙂 It was nice to lay around yesterday and read and nap. However, I get bored of that really quick …

  2. Yalena

    Extra night time pillows – I haven’t tried them yet really either, which surprises me since I know some people use them for a very long portion of pregnancy. My biggest complaint of pregnancy is that my round ligaments hurt quite a bit. My midwife recommended a maternity belt, which seemed to help some, but it’s getting worse again – enough that turning over in bed requires very careful, deliberate movements, and still brings gasps from the pain sometimes. Sometimes I roll from one side to my back and take a break before trying to move to the other side, but I accidentally fall asleep on my back before I move to the other side! So last week I started trying to stuff part of a big stuffed dog under my belly to see if that would help it not hurt so much at night. It seems to help some, but it’s still not perfect. If this is my only pregnancy complaint I still feel very lucky though, so I try not to whine about it too much.


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