A Typical Day – Part 2

The first couple of months after Calvin was born I was barely surviving. I’m not yet to thriving but I’m slowly starting to figure out my new “normal” life.

Calvin usually wakes up between 6:00 and 7:30. He always coughs himself awake and then starts babbling to himself. He use to wake up screaming for food but doesn’t do that anymore. Now he wakes up much calmer which gives me time to get up and mix up a bottle. I then go into his room to pick him up, change, and dress him. We then go downstairs where I feed him on the couch.

After his breakfast, I pump for about 20 minutes. While pumping, I put Calvin in a car seat on our sofa (a big no-no but I’m always watching him) and sing songs and read books with him. I’m phasing out my pumping routine so starting tomorrow I’m going to attempt to go down to pumping only once a day. However, even after I stop pumping in the mornings, I’m going to try to keep song/story time right after breakfast.

When we’re finished with pumping/story/songs, it’s time for my breakfast. I lay out a blanket next to our dining room table and put Calvin down on it for some “tummy time.” Calvin doesn’t particularly enjoy tummy time but it’s allegedly good for his development so we subject him to it at least once a day. Usually, he’ll tolerate it long enough for me to get through most of my granola.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take Calvin into daycare early. This allows me to do stuff around the house such as clean and pay bills. It seems like most mothers I’ve heard about somehow manage to do this while taking care of their baby. However, I haven’t been able to do this with Calvin. He requires almost constant attention and only takes 1/2 hr naps. I’ve tried doing chores while carrying him in the Baby Bjorn but that usually keeps him happy for only about 15 min before he wants a change of scenery.

On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays we go for a walk after I’ve eaten. The walks provide me with a nominal amount of exercise and, more importantly, get Calvin to take a morning nap. Normally, Calvin won’t take naps unless you force him to by holding him and sticking a pacifier in his mouth as he screams. However, both car rides and stroller walks put him to sleep fairly quickly. After our walk I’ll play with Calvin a little bit more, feed him again, and then get him ready to go to daycare.

I work from 11:30-3:30 every week day. After work, I make dinner before picking Calvin up from daycare. Often Calvin and I will sit under the tree in our front yard until Jaeger comes home. Calvin loves lying outside. He watches the wind move the tree leaves or follows the cars as they drive past our house or looks up at the clouds.

Jaeger gets home around 6:00 and we attempt to eat supper. Recently, we’ve been setting Calvin’s Bumbo seat on the table (another no-no but again we watch him carefully) and let him watch us as we eat. This will keep him happy about half of the time. The other half it’s time for his nap so I have to hold him while he sleeps (I’ve given up trying to transfer him to the bassinet, he always wakes up) and then I’ll eat after he wakes up.

After dinner Calvin might take a nap, or we’ll video conference with one of our mothers, or Calvin might get a bath (we only bath him 1-2 times a week). He gets one more bottle for the night and if he hasn’t fallen asleep already, we put him to bed at 8:00. Jaeger will often put him to bed while I engage in my evening pumping while watching half of a Stargate SG-1 episode (I’m almost to Season 8 ). If I have time after I pump I’ll read for a couple of minutes before going to bed at 9:00.

Thursday nights are a little different as Jaeger often stays in Boulder for either BLUG or Hacking Society. I usually eat leftovers in the fridge and, if Calvin’s schedule allows, will take Calvin for a walk.

Saturdays are Jaeger’s climb-mountains-and-do-useful-things-around-the-house day. Calvin and I leave for Sabbath School around 9:00. Calvin really like Sabbath School. He loves looking at all the children. Until recently, I had to hurry back home after Sabbath School to pump. However, now that I’m not pumping as much I could theoretically stay for church. I stayed for church last week but it was tricky keeping Calvin occupied for that long. For the rest of the afternoon, Calvin and I alternate between nap, food, and playtime.

Sundays Jaeger will attempt to finish any chores he didn’t get done on Saturday and we take a family grocery shopping trip. Sometimes we’ll go to the library on Sunday but they close at 5:00 so it’s often easier to visit them on a weekday night. Occasionally, if we have time, we’ll take a family walk where Jaeger and I chat while Calvin falls asleep in his stroller.

As you can probably tell, I’m feeling much better than I did several months ago. It’s really helped that I’m not pumping as much and can sleep through the night. I’m no longer falling asleep at 7pm anymore :-)

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