Cat Bath


  • I’m gaining weight again :-( I think I need to once again take a serious look at my snacking and portion sizes.


  • Jaeger’s mom and I gave Willow a bath today and we all survived! I followed the directions from this site and it worked better than I feared. The poor thing was completely traumatized from the event but she was so dirty from her experience yesterday that I didn’t have a choice. She needed a bath. We used our kitchen sink and I held her while Jaeger’s mom scrubbed. We both wore thick jackets and gloves to avoid getting clawed. She appeared to forgive me after a couple of hours and cuddled up next to me as I worked.


  • Threw a stack of old yogurt containers that had been stored in the basement into the recycle bin. I’m not sure why I saved them as we never have any shortage of these containers.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin had fun walking outside today. With my help, he walked up and down the steps to our house. As he walked up the steps, he would make a noise that sounded similar to “up.” However, he made the same noise as he walked down the steps.
  • Calvin has started moving his hand in a motion that looks like the “princess wave.” He holds his arm up and rotates his wrist back and forth. It is very amusing to watch.

Food Diary

  • Breakfast – Steel-cut oats with berries, honey, and soy milk
  • Lunch – A little bit of brown rice, 1/2 a spinach quiche, a couple of carrots, and same tomatoes
  • Snack – 2 dark chocolate pieces and 16 milk chocolate chips
  • Supper – Tofu with Spinach over Brown Rice, Garlic Green Beans, Red Bell Peppers, and leftover Carrot Cake for dessert

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