Work Laptop


  • My nameless work laptop died. It worked fine on Friday but when I turned it on Sunday to do some work, it wouldn’t boot. I thought I had managed to kill another power cable. However, I drove to the Carbon Valley library to try another power cable and it still stubbornly refused to boot. So, I had to put it in the courier for Greeley so IT can order me a new one. I do sporadically back up my files onto the shared drives. However, they’ve been a little flaky recently so I haven’t been as good. IT did retrieve the hard drive so they can transfer files over to the new laptop when it arrives but until then I’m going to be limping along on Adara, my home laptop, which only reluctantly runs Windows. (IT did offer me a spare but I decided it wasn’t worth the bother of setting up another the computer the way I want it.)


  • I met another mother on the playground who sounds like she has an 8-month version of Calvin. We were both suckered into thinking we could work from home without daycare because of other babies we knew who were much more placid than our children. Fortunately for me, I was able to find a good daycare willing to take Calvin. She wasn’t so lucky so had to quit her job. Also, her son doesn’t like naps so she’d have to take him on car rides to get him to sleep. He hated BOB, they have one too, so unlike Calvin, she couldn’t get any exercise while trying to get him to sleep. I think the moral of the story is that it can always be worse :-)

Calvin Moment

  • For his birthday Calvin received a wooden alligator pull-toy. It’s very clever and makes lost of noise even when you aren’t pulling it. I’ve been using this as a car toy. When I picked Calvin up from daycare today, I handed Calvin the alligator and he made the most extraordinary chortle because he was so excited to get to play with it.


  • Didn’t do anything today.

Food Diary

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with cherries and milk
  • Lunch – 1 Larabar and 1 Luna Bar
  • Snack – 1 Graham Cracker
  • Supper – Paneer and Peas (though Paneer is almost impossible to get so I used Queso Fresco instead) and grapes
  • Evening Treat – 3 dark chocolate pieces

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