• I’ve been very busy this week both personally and professionally. It’s good to be busy but I could do with a bit of breathing space :-)
  • I’ve been eating very unhealthy the last week or so. Today, I was making dessert for the camping trip and overindulged. I think I should finish the night with a spinach salad.


  • I got all the food I was planning to pre-cook done.
  • Calvin didn’t cry when I brought him home from daycare. Recently, he’s been crying when I pick him up because it’s while they’re outside and he really loves playing outside. I don’t blame him. The daycare has a very nice playground for little kids. Today he was outside but when he saw me, he headed straight over and held up his arms for me to pick him up instead of running in the opposite direction.

Calvin Moment

  • After I finished cooking, Calvin and I went outside behind our yard to the common area. Turns out the common area has much plusher glass than our yard. We spent a while with me chasing Calvin on my hands and knees while he ran away giggling. He fell a couple of times and skinned his knee but was a big boy and picked himself back up without missing a beat.


  • Didn’t get rid of anything today. However, I did get a significant portion of packing for our camping trip done.

Food Diary

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with banana and soy milk
  • Morning Snack – I had a cookie in the breakroom at Erie. I’m not sure why. I just ate it :S
  • Lunch – Cuban Black Beans with Brown rice and 5 dark chocolate pieces
  • Snack – I gorged on Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal Bars. Ugh.
  • Supper – I’m not feeling hungry but I should probably eat something healthy and vitamin filled before I go to bed.

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