Christmas Vacation Update


A couple of Thursday nights ago (on the 9th) I was home alone with Calvin. He told me he needed to go to the potty so I picked him up with the intention of racing to the potty. Unfortunately, I tripped over Calvin’s little wagon and fell. As I fell, I rotated so I wouldn’t fall on top of Calvin which means I hit my arm/shoulder instead at a weird angle. Nothing broke but it felt pretty bad. I sat Calvin in front of Elmo and called Jaeger and told him I needed him to come home. In the mean time, I called our insurance’s nurse hotline and she said I should probably go to urgent care. However, all the urgent care centers were closed in our area by the time Jaeger arrived home. I didn’t feel it merited an emergency room visit and had already taken 800 mg of ibuprofen so I figured that was the best we could do that night. In the morning, Jaeger got Calvin ready for daycare while I told him what to do. Then Jaeger dropped Calvin off at daycare and took me to an urgent care center. My arm was poked and looked at and I was told it was probably a sprained shoulder and if it still bothered me in a couple of days, to come back for further examination.

The timing of my fall was pretty bad. The following Sunday, on the 12th, I flew with just myself and Calvin to Walla Walla via an alleged 2 hr layover in Seattle (though due to various factors I still had the joy of running through the airport with my toddler in order to board my next plane). Handling Calvin in an airplane by myself is hard enough when I’m fully functional but it was miserable with my shoulder. Fortunately, Calvin was in a pretty good mood. We stayed at Jaeger’s parent’s house for a week and then flew back to Seattle to spend Christmas proper with my family. I was hoping my shoulder would have recovered by that point but it hadn’t. Yesterday my dad took a look at it and decided it was probably some sort of rotator cuff injury and I should get it looked at if it’s still a problem when we finally make it back to Colorado.


  • Other than my arm, this trip has gone fairly well. Calvin was as well-behaved as you could expect a toddler to be for all legs of our flights. Every time I fly with him I am so happy we bought a seat for him even though he technically is still young enough to be a lap infant.
  • Jaeger and Willy, his brother, both arrived on Thursday and it was nice to be reunited again. Calvin also apparently thought so as he spent much of the remaining week stalking Jaeger to Jaeger’s consternation.
  • Got a chance to wander around Walla Walla a bit and see friends from college.
  • Had the chance to eat a pastry at Roger’s Bakery. I love good pastry.
  • We opened up Christmas stockings and presents on Friday the 17th. Calvin seemed to like it much better this year than last. He enthusiastically helped open everyone’s presents until the very end when his lack of a nap started to become apparent.
  • Sunday Jaeger left to go back to Colorado and I flew to Seattle and was picked up by my mother.
  • Got most of Christmas part 3 shopping done yesterday.

Upcoming Events

  • Jaeger arrives in Portland tomorrow morning.
  • Christmas with the Stone side on boxing day.
  • We meet up with Bethany and Josh on Monday.
  • Christmas with the McLean side on Monday evening or Tuesday.
  • Fly out for Megafest on Wednesday.

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