• I don’t think I sleep as well without Jaeger. I had the worse time falling asleep last night.
  • My arm is still bothering me. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. At least I had no trouble getting up in time to exercise.


  • I really love being back in my normal routine. Traveling was interesting but it’s really good to be home.
  • Got up and exercised before Calvin woke up this morning.
  • This was my first normal “day off” in about a month. I spent it by wondering to various thrift stores and used furniture stores looking desperately for a table I could stand that would last a couple of years. Our dining room chairs are dying by pieces and all of a sudden its condition seems to be deteriorating rapidly. It’s a dining room set I picked up for a couple hundred of dollars in the thrift store the first year we got married. However, it’s really not Jaeger’s style. In fact, it’s not really my style anymore either. I couldn’t find anything used that I liked but I did find a new version for “too much” money that I think would work good for many years (Note: I think it’s priced appropriately for it’s quality, it’s just hard for me to spend multiple thousands of dollars on anything).
  • I started reading a new book called House of Havoc by Marni Jameson. It’s one of the more practical home decorating/organizing books I’ve read recently and it’s given me a couple of ideas of stuff to do with our house.

Calvin Moment

I picked Calvin up from daycare and took him to the park. However, by the time we got to the park, the sky was cloudy. We had dressed warmly so Calvin and I resolutely started down the path to the playground equipment. When we got there, I realized that the equipment was still covered in snow. Last week, Calvin got to watch 3 dogs play in the enclosed dog park area. Remembering how fun this was, he walked over to that area of the park and sat down patiently waiting for dogs to appear and entertain him. I tried to explain that was unlikely to happen as the park was completely deserted. Instead, we decided to go to Petco and gawk at the animals they had. Calvin seemed have almost as much fun looking at the pictures of cats on kitty litter as he was with the real animals.


  • I cleared off my desk and worked on packing more items into boxes.
  • I got a bunch of empty spice jars that match my current jars for Christmas. I had fun filling the jars up and alphabetizing my herbs and spices :-) (yes, I can be obsessive but only in completely useless areas)

    I shredded lots of stuff but have boxes left of things that should be shredded. I wonder if I’m ever going to get through it all.

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