My arm hasn’t completely healed yet so I went and got an MRI for it on Monday. I didn’t realize how long of a process it would be. It didn’t seem complicated. They injected the dye in my arm and then I went straight over to the MRI machine. However, the whole process took about 2 hrs (only around 20 min in the actual machine). I’ve never had an MRI before and discovered that the space is a little more confined than I would prefer. Also, next time I’d know to bring my own CDs to pipe into the machine as the imaging is done.

Tuesday I went back to the orthopedic doctor and he took a look at the images. It turns out that my shoulder had a compression fracture and I also sustained a minor cuff injury (I don’t guarantee all those words are right but that’s what I remember him saying). The shoulder did look pretty impressive on film. The good news is that it should eventually heal on its own without any surgery needed. The bad news is he said my shoulder is likely to ache the rest of the winter. I guess ibuprofen will continue to be my friend.


  • Calvin was fairly quiet last night so I slept very well. As a result, I woke up early enough to exercise this morning.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin seems to be much more into reading books recently. It’s not uncommon for him to bring books for us to read at random times. A couple of days ago, he curled up on my lap flipping through the pages of his book while I read my book. In my view, that’s the idea way to pass the evening with a toddler but it doesn’t happen much :-) He also has been demanding more bedtime stories from Jaeger recently. I think he’s figured out that between potty training and bedtime stories he can delay bedtime by a significant amount.


  • I’ve spent the last several evenings shredding massive amounts of paper. I even found a bank statements from my very first checking account (though not the first statements from that account).

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