• Calvin has been very restless this last week. This means I sleep in later and don’t get a chance to exercise as much as usual. I’ve decided that getting adequate sleep is more important than exercising. However, the mornings that I do manage to exercise I feel much more in control of life.


  • We have a new babysitter who started today. So far, it looks like she’s going to work out well.
  • Last Friday was staff day for the library. I drove up to Greeley for the day and had a chance to see many of my co-workers that I usually only communicate via email. I met one library assistant who told me that for the longest time she thought my name was an acronym that stood for something. Finally, she asked her supervisor what the acronym stood for and he told her that I was a real live person :-)
  • I’ve started practicing the piano between when I drop Calvin off at daycare around 8:30 and when I start work at 9. It’s not a lot of practicing but it’s better than nothing.
  • It’s very warm and sunny today. During the cold spell Calvin and I spent a lot of time visiting the libraries in order to get out of the house. I really like our house but it can be a little confining day after day, especially since I usually work from home. Visiting the libraries gives us a chance to get out and play in a new environment. Plus, when I go to Carbon Valley, I know the staff and can spend a couple of minutes chatting with them. However, I’m a firm believer that children need lots of outside play so I always feel a little guilty when I’m not willing to freeze so Calvin can play. Calvin rarely notices if it’s cold. I imagine it’s because he runs around so much and is in constant motion. Yesterday we walked around the neighborhood for a little bit which Calvin really enjoyed. He always hates coming in from outside.

Calvin Moment

  • I started noticing that Calvin will turn a book right side up if I give it to him upside down. He might have been doing this for a while but I just recently noticed it.
  • Calvin is learning his colors. I’m starting to try to swap video clips with M&Ms as potty training rewards. M&Ms are a lot more convenient when we are away from home. An interesting side benefit is that I’m teaching Calvin colors using the M&Ms. He has a definite preference for blue M&Ms. Another thing I’ve noticed is that he often calls orange items yellow. I think this is because we call school buses yellow but they can look closer to orange in some cases.


  • Because I worked a full day on Friday, I didn’t work today. Instead, I took the opportunity for our babysitter to amuse Calvin while I went down into the basement and tackled our filing cabinets. I weeded two of the drawers and ended up with a foot (literally) of paperwork that needs to be shredded. I’m hoping to get through the final drawer tonight. However, I don’t think it will be as bad since I’ve already done some weeding in that drawer previously. I also was able to straighten up the shelves above the laundry area and throw out some cleaning products that we no longer use.

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