• Calvin no longer has a fever but still seems excessively cranky to me. He requires a lot of holding and personal attention right now. By the time Jaeger gets home from work I’m emotionally exhausted. However, the fun doesn’t end there. He’s very dissatisfied with supper these days. He either doesn’t like what we’re serving or doesn’t want to stop playing to eat. My rule to-date has been that Calvin is not required to eat anything but he isn’t given anything special either. So, if he doesn’t like lentils, he doesn’t have to eat them but neither will I specially prepare a dish for him. Theoretically, I think this is a good stance to take. However, I’m starting to doubt myself. He has a 2 year checkup tomorrow so I might ask his pediatrician what his recommendation is.
  • I really, really need to crack down on my weight.


  • I finally got back on to my exercise schedule the last two days. Monday morning I didn’t wake up early enough for my full routine so only did 20 min of pilates. However, I got a chance to make it up later in the day with 40 min of step aerobics. Today I did get out of bed and was able to do my full Tuesday pilates/abs/weight combo.
  • While Calvin has been pretty cranky during the day, if I remember to dose him with ibuprofen, he sleeps fairly well during the night. At least, he has for the last 2 days (notice it’s the last 2 days I’ve managed to exercise . . . ). Hmm . . . maybe I should be dosing him with ibuprofen during the day also . . . I’m just not sure whether he’s not feeling good physically or if it’s something else entirely.
  • Calvin loves having books read to him. While he sometimes asks for books to be read at the most inconvenient times, I am always so glad he seems to be developing a love of reading. Calvin has such a different personality from Jaeger and I but so far it seems like reading can be at least one past time the whole family can enjoy together.

Calvin Moment

  • I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this before but Calvin is absolutely obsessed with hats. For his birthday he received 4 hats and also a fleece with a hood. Somehow he manages to wear all of them fairly consistently. Sometimes he wears multiple hats at once. When I picked him up from daycare today he was walking around with a shoe-box sized plastic box on his head. I think it must have held toys at one point but he dumped them out so he could re-purpose the box as a hat.

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