Upset, Yet Amusing, Calvin Moments

I may have mentioned that Calvin is a very intense child. When he’s happy, he’s very happy. When he’s sad, he’s very sad. I have two incidents today to relate that I find amusing but probably shouldn’t.

We are getting a table, 8 chairs, and a sofa today. This is furniture we ordered a couple of months ago so I’ll be very excited to see how it looks in our home. Originally, I was hoping that our current sofa could be moved to the basement. However, the sofa appears too big to navigate around the corner. So, we posted an ad on Craigslist saying it was free for anyone who wanted to pick it up. However, we did this yesterday night so it’s still here. As a result, we needed to move it so there would be room for the new sofa. This morning, before Jaeger left for work, we took either side of the couch with the intent of moving it so it’d be flush against the entertainment center. Calvin threw a fit. Apparently he really didn’t like the idea of the sofa moving. He ran over screaming, “No mommy! No!” and then braced himself against the other side of the couch and tried his best to move it, by himself, back into the position had been. Both Jaeger and I had to hide our faces to keep from laughing. It was just so ludicrous looking seeing a little toddler trying to move a heavy sofa by himself. We eventually compromised by giving Calvin “a ride” on the sofa while we moved it.

This afternoon when I arrived at daycare, Calvin was still sleeping. His teacher informed me that he hadn’t gone to sleep until 2pm so I decided to let him nap till 3pm. (I had to wake him up after that because the furniture delivery is suppose to happen between 3-5pm). Calvin was not happy when I woke him up. He was even unhappier when we got home and I took him out of his car seat. He kept insisting that he wanted to stay in the car seat but it’s hot outside. On the way inside, he threw his little duplo train against the steps and some of the blocks came apart. I continued into the house holding the screaming toddler. Once inside he sat there and cried and cried and finally went back and opened the garage door and went into the garage. I followed him and picked up the duplo train that was lying on the stairs. I put it back together and temporarily left Calvin in the garage by himself to put the duplo train with the rest of his duplos. Calvin was incensed, “No! Mommy! No!!!!!” He ran inside, found the duplo train, opened the garage door again and then threw it against the steps. We repeated this twice more. I have no idea why it was important that the duplo train stay smashed on the garage steps. Once Calvin was assured that I wasn’t going to try to pick it up again he started yelling, “Go Way Mommy! Go Way!” I explained to him that I was not going to leave him in the garage by himself. If he wanted alone time, he had to go upstairs to his bedroom. He did not like this response and kept telling me to go away.

Calvin’s mood has just recovered as he has discovered the fun of playing in our car. He just discovered the garage door opening. I should probably go rescue the car now . . .

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