Settling In

Apparently it was the beginning of June when I last updated this. Most of the summer is a blur.

We’re now mostly settled in our house. Jaeger had several epic lawn projects which took a good deal of his summer. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to put stuff inside the house. Technically our new house is bigger than our old house. However, our old house had a full unfinished basement which we had stuffed with shelving for storage. Our new house has a home-owner finished basement that we’re using as a guest room which drastically cuts down on the amount of storage we have. It seems like I’m continually filling boxes for the thrift store.

Calvin did really well in preschool over the summer. I’d drop him off in the morning and he’d run off with barely a good-bye to me. However, after summer break he became more resistant to me leaving him at preschool. I’m not sure why the change. My best guess is being out of preschool for a week threw him off his schedule. Plus, some of the exciting newness has waned.

In other Calvin-related news, he’s getting a brand-new full-size bed on Tuesday. The first night we were in our new house, Ted couldn’t find the toddler bed (I was still at the old house cleaning). So, he gave Calvin our “yoga mat” to sleep on instead. The next day, upon find the mattress, Calvin refused to sleep on it saying it was for babies. So, he’s been sleeping on the yoga mat ever since. At our old house, he’d been consistently sleeping in the spare bedroom, with the queen bed, because he claimed something in his bedroom scared him (later we figured out in was the fan configuration). A couple of days ago Calvin told me he liked our “old spare bedroom” better because it had a bigger bed (the bedroom next to his room is now an office). I asked him if he wanted a bigger bed to sleep on and he said yes. I decided it might be time to get him a real bed.

Thursday we journeyed to a mattress store and Calvin picked out a full-size bed. I tried to talk him into a twin-size but he kept insisting that the full-size bed was the “right size” for him. Given he slept on a queen in our spare bedroom, I wasn’t too surprised. Calvin tends to wander while he sleeps so I can see why he’d like a bigger bed. I’d like to believe the new bed will solve all Calvin’s sleep issues but I think that’s probably too optimistic. However, I doubt it’ll hurt things.

Saturday we went to church. I was the designated pianist so Calvin and I got there early in time for me to practice. After practicing, I decided to let Calvin run outside instead of going to Cradle Roll. Cradle Roll is, of course, more active than adult Sabbath Schools but they still have a fair amount of structure. Since I wanted Calvin to sit through second service, with minimal supervision from me, I thought I should probably try to run off any energy he had ahead of time. That turned out to be a good idea. The new school principal spoke. She said many interesting things but also went really, really long. We didn’t get out till 1pm. Given that I was playing postlude, I couldn’t leave early. However, Calvin did really well. I had brought a variety of toys with me as well as snacks so he wouldn’t get hungry. Afterwards, the pastor complimented Calvin on how well he did (the pastor was sitting right in front of us) and noted it was a very hard service for a young kid to sit through.

Calvin Moment
As I mentioned, I let Calvin play outside during Sabbath School time before church. We played a little bit of tag and at one point, after I caught him, Calvin put his arms around me and said, “you’re the best!” I’m not sure where that came from but it was awfully cute.

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