Suggested Maternity Shirts for 40+ Weeks

At 40 weeks I’m down to about 2-3 outfits that still fit me. While I’m not planning to buy any more clothing till Julian is born, Jaeger and I have been contemplating useful t-shirt slogans for 40+ weeks. They include:
* My due date is in the past
* I’m just big boned
* No, I am not a twin
* There’s only one of me in here
* Confirmed singleton1
* It’s cozy in here
* Not coming out till I’m good and ready
* My schedule not mommy’s
* Due dates are made up anyway
* You’re going to have to come get me
* Help, I’ve fallen up and I can’t get out.

  1. Are you noticing a trend? I’m to the point where random strangers are asking me if I’m having twins.