Discworld Audio Goal

Even though I’ve been very lax recording my progress listening to the Discworld books, I have been making progress. I haven’t been reading them strictly in order since some are proving harder to borrow than others. Books since my last update:

Moving Pictures
Not my favorite. I couldn’t really connect with any of the main characters nor did I particularly care about the plot.

Reaper Man
This one was fun. I think I prefer Death more as a side character but still the story was pretty amusing.

Witches Abroad
I’ve listened to this one before but again really enjoyed it.

Small Gods
Another one that I didn’t really like though it was amusing for a Discworld god to be stuck in the shape of a turtle.

Men At Arms
The City Watch books are among my favorite in the Discworld series. This one did not disappoint.

Interesting Times
Ugh. Rincewind. Not my favorite character. However, it was interesting to see a reappearance of one of the other original Discworld characters.

I really liked most of this one. The Phantom of the Opera spoof was very amusing. The only thing I didn’t particularly like was Agnes’s ending. I’m hoping that she reappears in another book.

The Last Continent
Another Rincewind one . . . Bits were amusing but not something I’d listen to again.

Thief of Time
I liked this one quite a bit. I’m not sure I’ll listen to it again but it was good the first time. I particularly liked Susan. Her ultra-sensibleness appeals to me.

Night Watch
For some reason I thought I had listened to this one before but obviously I hadn’t. This was a really good book to follow Thief of Time. As always, it’s interesting to listen to Sam Vimes talk to himself. I particularly liked learning a bit more about where Vetinari came from.

2 thoughts on “Discworld Audio Goal

  1. Charlotte

    Have you been able to find the Discworld audio books available to borrow from the library? I’ve been very disappointed to find that my library (Los Angeles) only has a few of the most recent ones. I’d love to find more of them available somewhere!

    1. kiesa Post author

      My library at the time (High Plains in Colorado) had many of them. Most of the rest I was able to get via Interlibrary loan (I’ve noticed that Interlibrary Loan doesn’t appear to be an option for many libraries in California so I’m probably just lucky I got through most of them before leaving Colorado). I also ended up buying a fair number from Audible. Some of them are reasonably cheap if you buy the Kindle version and then click the “Add Audible book to your purchase” option. It took me a while but I’ve listened to almost the entire series. The only ones I’m missing are _The Last Hero_ and _The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents_. I have _The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents_, I think it was on sale on Audible? Or, maybe I bought it from Downpour. However, I was in the middle of another audio book and keep forgetting I have it. I haven’t been able to find _The Last Hero_. Though, I think it’s an illustrated novella so maybe I should just hunt down a physical copy.


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