The last couple of weeks have been uneventful. I’ve been working about 20 hrs/week and then running little errands most days. During the day, I usually feel pretty good. However, at night I’ll often start getting cramps (like menstrual cramps) and my legs are getting tired of me lying on my side the entire night.

Thursday Night/Friday
Thursday night around 1:30 I woke up with a fair amount of nausea. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t go away. Eventually I went downstairs and drank some juice thinking that the nausea might be hunger induced. However, that didn’t seem to help. The nausea started coming in waves which made me wonder if it was a sign of going into labor. I’d read a couple of chapters and then the nausea would get bad enough I’d have to put the book down and wait it out before I could start reading again. For a while I contemplated seeing if I could time it like contractions but eventually decided that would be pointless :-) Since I had created a Twitter account recently, I decided it was as good a time as any to start complaining to the world.

After a while, the nausea subsided but I started getting pretty bad cramps. They were bad enough that I wasn’t able to concentrate on my book. I decided the best way to soothe them would be to take a warm bath. Unfortunately, this would mean running water in the bathtub which I was fairly certain would wake up Jaeger. However, I was getting desperate and decided to hope that he’d sleep through it. No such luck. A while later Jaeger popped into the bathroom and said that he noticed on my twitter feed I had mentioned feeling nauseous and should he be preparing to go to the hospital. I found it very amusing he had read my twitter feed before coming into the bathroom. In his defense, running the bathtub water had woken him up but he just happened to glance at the twitter feed before coming in to see what was happening.

Around 5ish I felt good enough to try sleeping again. The cramping didn’t go completely away till around 6 but it was better than it had been. Since I had gotten very little sleep, I decided to sleep in later than I usually do. Eventually hunger drove me to get up so I went downstairs and emailed my boss telling her I probably wouldn’t be working much that day. Jaeger requested I call my doctor to make sure this wasn’t some sort of Gem-only labor progression. Dr. B thought it was unlikely the symptoms I described would have caused me to dilate further but she also felt it was worthwhile to come in and make sure. I got an appointment for 11 that day which was good but messed up plans I had to go back to sleep. At my appointment, they put me on the contraction monitor for about 15 minutes and I had one significant contraction (which is about what I currently average). Like always, Calvin’s heartbeat looked really good. Dr B also checked my cervix and nothing had changed so she sent me home and I took a 3 hr nap.

Sunday, I had great plans for many errands.

I successfully managed 1 hour of fairly strenuous exercise. I felt pretty good about it as I hadn’t exercised that much at one time since coming off bed rest. I was getting ready to start working when Jaeger side-tracked me with tax related questions. It started off innocently enough, we were missing the 1098 form for our 2nd mortgage from our credit union. However, after spending almost an hour going through every folder I could think of, I headed to the credit union website hoping to find a way to either download the form or re-request it. After looked at the FAQs, I learned that they weren’t required to send us a 1098 form since we paid under $600 in interest. We had paid the 2nd mortgage off earlier in 2008 and it turns out we were just under the the limit. After going to a couple of other sites to verify we could still use it as a tax deduction, I forwarded Jaeger the appropriate amount The next tax hurdle was a couple of charities I had given to. One of them hadn’t given us any tax documentation while another claimed I had given them half of what I had recorded. I’m still waiting for information back on those two mysteries.

By the time Jaeger finished taxes, I decided it was too later to work after all. Jaeger inquired if I would be interested in hiking Rabbit Hill. I was a little dubious but decided it would be worth trying. We drove separate cars to the trail so I could leave early if it was too much for me. Somewhat to my surprise, I made it up to the bench at the end of the Little Thompson Overlook Trail. Pre-pregnancy I would have scoffed at considering this little trail a victory but my outlook has changed quite a bit since being on bed rest.

After getting back to the car, I took off and headed to the library. It was after closing but since it was one I had worked at fairly frequently, I had the code to get in. I think my favorite time in a library is when it’s completely deserted. It seems to get a mysterious vibe when everyone else is gone. It’s a place and time when I expect impossible things to happen :-) I picked up my holds and then contentedly wandered through the stacks until I decided I really did need to return to the real world.

Monday (today)
I had another doctors appointment and nothing had changed. Several weeks ago Dr L wanted to schedule an induction when I was at 39 weeks (this Thursday). Both she and Dr B are concerned about the risk of infection since I’ve been dilated so long. I’m a little dubious about inducing since other than being dilated, I’m perfectly healthy. We talked about it and at that point decided it could be pushed to week 40 if my CBC came back normal.

We hadn’t heard anything about the blood test results so I had assumed it came back normal which Dr. B confirmed. So, I’m now on schedule to be induced March 26 if he doesn’t decide to come before then. During the conversation Dr B mentioned I would come in and get put on antibiotics for 4 hours after which they would induce me if labor hadn’t started by itself. I was confused as I had never heard that antibiotics could induce labor so I queried why labor might start by itself if it hadn’t already. She clarified that the IV wouldn’t start labor but that walking around might. I didn’t bother to tell her I had been on a fairly decent hike the previous day and sincerely doubted walking around a hospital hallway would help if that hadn’t.

While I am still a little uncomfortable with being induced, I feel that 40 weeks is a good compromise between my reservations and my doctors’ concerns. It’s also nice to finally have an end in sight. Much of my pregnancy was fairly routine but the roller coaster during February combined with the expectant boredom in March makes me ready to be done.

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