Date Night


  • All of a sudden, Calvin has reverted to his restless sleeping pattern. For the last month or more, Calvin has slept solid from bedtime till 7 or 7:30 in the morning. This has been great because I can get up, exercise, and shower before having to get breakfast for him. However, the past two days haven’t been as good. Tuesday morning was particularly bad. He woke up around 3:30am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Finally, he slumbered a little bit as I held him in the rocking chair (I am so glad we have a comfy rocker recliner that I can doze in while holding Calvin). A little after 6 I handed him off to Jaeger who took Calvin jogging while I grabbed a couple more minutes of sleep. This morning wasn’t that bad but he woke up crying several times during the night before waking up for the morning at 6:30am.


  • Jaeger and I had a date night tonight. We went out to eat at Ras Kassa’s which is an Ethiopian restaurant. I’ve been trying to convince Jaeger to eat there for years but their tagline is “Eat like you’ve never heard of silverware!” which I think intimidated him. However, after his trip to India, he seems more adventurous. The food was good but it was a very different experience. The dishes come with Injera, a crepe-like bread, that you use to scoop up and eat the food. They had a lot of different vegetarian dishes. I got one of the vegetarian combo options and Jaeger got a sweet potato “stew.” It was all served on one large platter so we shared our dishes. The meal was very good and had a nicely varied micronutrient profile :-) We finished off drinking tea at Jaeger’s favorite tea place in Boulder. However, we were running late so didn’t have much time to savor the tea.

Calvin Moment

  • It always amazes me how the simplest things can attract Calvin’s attention. I’m continuing to try to get him comfortable with sitting on the potty. This is slow going because he doesn’t like sitting that long. Originally, I would feed him crackers while he sat. However, he’s recently taken to sitting demurely until I give him a cracker and then he pops off. Sometimes, he even leads me to the bathroom, sits down, and then looks pointedly toward the cabinet where I keep the crackers. Today, in desperation, I gave him the Kleenex box hoping to keep him sitting down longer. To my amazement, it worked beautifully. He had great fun poking his hands in and out of the box opening as well as pulling tissues out and then stuffing them back in. I think he voluntarily stayed in one place for more than 10 min!


  • Yesterday, I discovered we hadn’t reconciled our savings account in over 6 months. I reconcile our credit card statement every week but don’t pay as much attention to more static accounts. When I first looked at the savings statement I panicked because GnuCash showed we had a lot more money than our statement said. I wrote a panicked email to Jaeger asking if he knew where the money went before I remembered that I had siphoned some of it off for a CD quite a while ago. Turns out I had never created a sub-account for that. Today, I straightened everything out so GnuCash matches reality again, at least when it comes to our general savings account and one of our CDs. I probably need to do a review of the other more static accounts and make sure there aren’t any glaring omissions there either.

Food Diary

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with blueberries and soy milk
  • Snack – A plum
  • Lunch – Triscuits and cheese, a bowl of cherries, and 1 chocolate piece
  • Snack – 1 chocolate piece
  • Dinner – Lentil Samosas, Goat cheese with crackers, Small portions of Spicy Sweet Potato Stew, Beets and Potatoes, Yellow Split Peas, Spicy Organic Red Lentils, Collard Greens, Carrot Salad, and a bread salad. As you can see, even though the portions were little, there was a lot of food.
  • Evening Treat – Two Hand Chai

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