• Calvin still isn’t sleeping well. Wednesday night he started crying at 10:30. I rocked him in the rocker and would get him back to sleep but the moment I put him in his crib, he woke up and I had to start all over again. It appeared that my options were either to sleep in the rocker the entire night or give bedsharing try. For the record, I would be nervous about bedsharing with an infant. However, Calvin’s now big enough that I didn’t think it would be a problem. Jaeger reconfigured the bed to be snuggly up against a wall and I put Calvin between me and the wall. He was pretty restless the entire night but he didn’t actually cry again. Last night, I was able to start him out in his crib and he slept pretty well until around 5. At that point, he would scream for a couple of minutes and then sleep for several minutes and repeat the process. I don’t know if he was getting any sleep but I certainly wasn’t so I brought him back to bed with us. He didn’t wake up again until Jaeger’s alarm went off. Unfortunately, this completely kills my exercise program. I’m a lighter sleeper than Jaeger and I also think it’s fair to say that I’m more situationally aware of Calvin. Even if I had been getting enough sleep to get up and exercise before Calvin woke up, I’m not sure I would feel comfortable leaving him in the bed. I have taken him on brief walks around the neighborhood in the morning but it’s not quite the same as real exercise.


  • I’m participating in a beta Cooking Stack Exchange site. Right now it’s in private beta but it plans to go to public beta in a week. This cooking Q & A site is in the same format as my favorite parenting Q & A site. I like the Stack Exchange format because it seems to create a higher quality of answers than you’ll find in other places. Of course, this sucked up way more of my time today than it should have. I think I should begin to ration my internet usage.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin is starting to enjoy brushing his teeth. I think it’s because I make funny noises trying to encourage him to tolerate the tooth brush. Recently, he will grab the toothbrush and start brushing his own teeth while mimicking the weird sounds I make. I’m afraid he thinks the weird sounds are an essential part of the tooth brushing experience.


  • I worked on organizing more of our financial documents.

Food Diary

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with raisins and soy milk
  • Snack – A plum
  • Lunch – Triscuits and cheese and 2 chocolate piece
  • Dinner – Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli
  • Evening Treat – 2 chocolate pieces

2 thoughts on “Bedsharing

  1. Yanthor

    I love that Macaroni and Cheese recipe! Thank you for linking to it. Not being a terrific cook but interested in the art, I’ve begun to focus on Macaroni and Cheese and ponder ways to make it better.

    I’ve been thinking for a while that there needed to be more in the way of taste and flavor added to Macaroni and Cheese. Black pepper is a good start and very obvious, but beyond there it gets confusing to me. You know I’ve experimented with garlic and onion and I think they taste good, but the effect diverges the dish too much from “real” Mac & Cheese. So I was thrilled to see your recipe using Tabasco. I bet that would be excellent and I can’t wait to try it!

    Also, my local Chipotle has jars of regular Tabasco as well as Smoked Tabasco. I wonder if the smoked flavor would be better?

  2. Kiesa

    Regarding smoked versus regular Tabasco, I’m not sure. It probably depends on how much you like the smoked flavor. In general, I think smoke flavor could go well with cheddar.

    BTW, this was the first time I made that recipe. Personally, I thought that 1-2 tsp of Tabasco was a little scant. I couldn’t really taste it in the finished product. Also, though they don’t specify, I’m pretty sure the “milk” they use is whole milk. Instead of whole milk, I used non-fat milk with 2 tbs of cream to make up 1 cup of milk.(I buy expensive whole milk for Calvin so I don’t like using that for other things :))


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