Almost well? (She says hopefully)


  • Still have a cold. Wednesday night I was coughing so hard I couldn’t sleep. I felt miserable the next morning so Jaeger got Calvin ready for daycare. I attempted to call in sick to work but as I was opening up my email, I saw a notice that our catalog was unresponsive. So, for the next hour I hopped on and tried to figure out what was going wrong. Once I finished that, I lay down for a while before getting back online to talk with my manager about our upgrade next week. By the afternoon I was feeling better so I picked up Calvin on time and told Jaeger he could go to Boulder like he usually does Thursday nights. At 6:30, my catalog went down again. Fortunately, Calvin entertained himself pulling laundry out of the basket while I got it working again. Even so, the day wasn’t as relaxing as I was hoping a sick day would be.


  • I’m hopeful the end of this cold is in sight . . . I have a lot more energy today than I did yesterday. I even was able to clean the kitchen.
  • I still don’t have the energy to exercise but I’ve had so little appetite that I’m not gaining weight anyway.

Calvin Moment

  • Today after I picked Calvin up from daycare we wandered around our neighborhood. There is a fairly large common area one street down that we meandered into with Five following (now that she can go outside, Five tends to wander around with us on our walks). There was a group of kids we had seen before that were very fascinated by the cat. It’s a good thing that Five is so good with people because the kids swarmed all over her. I was amused when at one point the older boy (maybe 6?) approached Calvin trying to be friendly. He started gently stroking Calvin’s arm like he had been stroking the cat. Calvin didn’t know exactly what to make of it but seemed to understand that the boy was just trying to be friendly. We eventually walked back up the path that goes behind our house and ran into the neighbors behind us. They have a 6-year-old boy and the mother suggested that Calvin might like to slide down their little plastic slide. It’s small enough that Calvin can climb up and slide down by himself and he thought it was very fun.


  • Packed away more china but I’ve run out of plain newsprint so I’m going to have to pick up more.

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