Upgrade Almost Here

I’m just a couple of days away from our massive upgrade at work. I’ll be spending most of Wednesday night doing prep work on the server and then need to be at Greeley by 7am on Thursday. This is one of those time when I really wish caffeine worked for me. Jaeger will be taking care of Calvin Wed night and non-daycare hours Thursday and Friday.


  • My cold really is almost gone. I’m back to being able to read a couple of books to Calvin without my throat giving out.

Calvin Moment

  • I bought 10 pairs of cheap blue and brown sweat pants to put on Calvin while we potty train him. This morning I had taken off his night diaper and asked him to go grab a pair of sweatpants for me while I setup his high chair for breakfast. He obligingly ran over to the drawer and pulled out a pair of sweatpants except he managed to get 2 pairs instead of just one. One pair fell to the floor and he looked at it and then started walking my direction with the pair he was still holding in his hands. He got almost all the way to me before stopping, turning around and running back to the sweatpants on the floor. He then put the sweatpants back in the drawer and firmly closed it before proudly trotting back to me. If only he stays this organized growing up . . .


  • Last night I weeded a large number of my piano books from my collection. I divided them into a thrift store pile and a pile that I thought the other church pianists might get use out of.
  • Today I weeded my collection of books and found about 40 to give to the thrift store.
  • I also spent a lot of time cleaning under our sink. The cabinet under our sink annoys me because it seems to be designed to make it useless. It’s a corner cabinet so there’s a significant amount of space under there that I just can’t reach. The plumbing is in the way so I can’t put drawers or a lazy susan or anything that could make the space better. As such, anything down there tends to fall in to disorder very rapidly. I did a comprehensive clean-up of all the gunk that accumulated and threw away tons of plastic bags.

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