Most of a Week Alone


  • Jaeger is in San Diego. So far, Calvin and I are surviving but we will be glad when he’s back.


  • Potty training is going very well. For the most part, Calvin properly uses the potty while at home (though anywhere but home is still a trick).
  • I actually got Christmas decorations up this year.
  • My project for this week is to make Christmas Candy. Last year I was too overwhelmed by Calvin to consider making any but this year I have more energy.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin was playing upstairs where he stumbled across a pair of my socks in the hallway. He picked them up and then trotted into our bedroom and tried to reach the top drawer in our dresser which is where the socks are stored. I wasn’t quite tall enough so I opened it up and then picked him up and he put them away and shut the drawer. I’m not sure how he knew that’s where those socks went. I’d be much more excited by this neat trick if he wasn’t also so good at making huge messes.


  • I’ve been making candy at night so haven’t had time to do any weeding of our stuff.

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