More Parenting Tales


  • Wednesday night Calvin was very clingy and didn’t want to go to bed without me. I’d leave him but he kept frantically screaming so eventually I caved and we both snuggled down in my bed. Once he finally drifted off to sleep, I transferred him back to his crib. Fortunately, both yesterday and tonight he went to bed without as much fussing.


  • Got my hair cut today. Also decided to color it again. This is the first time I’ve had it colored since before I was pregnant.

Calvin Moment

  • Yesterday, I picked Calvin up from daycare and got him settled in his car seat when he suddenly proclaimed he had to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he was sure and he nodded a solemn yes. I wasn’t sure what to do as the last time this had happened, I had raced him back inside daycare only to discover we were too late. This time I took his potty chair, which I take to daycare every day, and decided to plop it in the back of the Rav4. To my relief, Calvin hadn’t gone yet so he and I sat in the back with the door mostly closed to protect us from the wind. At this point, I learned that we don’t have a handle on the inside of our back door. Obviously, none of the vehicle’s engineers had to huddle in the back while their child was contemplating using the potty. It turns out Calvin didn’t have to go. However, I had some fabulous time to contemplate how my life has changed since having a child.
  • This afternoon I was in the kitchen getting a snack for Calvin when I remembered I had left a plate on the sofa in the living room. I asked Calvin to go get the plate on the sofa and bring it back to me. To my surprise, he did. Up to this point, I’ve normally pointed at something when I asked him to bring it to me. However, the plate was completely out of sight.


  • Haven’t done anything. Hopefully I’ll work on this more next week.

2 thoughts on “More Parenting Tales

  1. Yanthor

    Congrats on getting your hair colored. It is good to do something just for you once in a while.:-)

    Having colored my own hair in the past, I’m curious to know what color you are getting. I had assumed that the color your hair was in the past was your natural color. Now I’m curious as to which is which.(if that is appropriate to ask)

  2. Kiesa

    Well, the color you’ve seen on me for the last couple of times is my natural color. However, my hair is very sun sensitive. In the summer, the top layer can change several shades lighter-redder.

    I have two strands of hair on either side of my face that are consistently redder than the rest. So, my stylist tried to match the color to those strands. She used a demi-permanent so it’d eventually wash out without me having to keep it up. Also, since the underlying hair color doesn’t change it allegedly looks more natural than a regular permanent might.

    I think it turned out pretty well. It’s subtle but a little redder than what it was before.


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