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  • I’ve been eating too much recently. Not sure why. Just always seem hungry. I probably should increase my breakfast and lunch calories.


  • I got a couple more Indian cookbooks as well as a Persian cookbook that have been fun to peruse. I also finished reading Cryoburn by Bujold which was a great deal of fun. For audio books I’ve been in a bit of a slump. I started listening to a Nora Robert’s book but they never seem to grab me. So, I decided to relisten to Naked in Death by J.D. Robb (who happens to be Nora Roberts but I still like Robb’s books. I can’t explain it). I haven’t finished the In Death series yet but I thought it would be good to go back for a refresher on how it all started. The great thing about my memory is it’s bad enough I can just wait a couple of years and can enjoy the book all over again for the first time.
  • The 16th set of Midsomer Murders arrived at the library for me early in the week and I finished watching it on Friday. It’s a British mystery series so the set consists of 4 1 1/2 hr episodes. It’s not for everyone but I like the British sense of humor and it’s not as gratuitously gory as American mysteries often are.
  • The Friends of Longmont Library had their annual book sale this week. A couple of years ago, before Calvin was born, I was a member of the friends and got a chance to go to the “preview” book sale. Friends got first chance to buy the used books. It was insane, kind of like Black Friday. There were people everywhere and once the book sale was officially open, a wave of people descended on the books. This year I didn’t go until the sale was open to the general public. There were still a lot of people and it was very awkward flipping through books while carrying Calvin on my hip but it was much less scary than the last time I went. We also got quite a few truck, train, and Curious George books as well as a couple of piano books with children’s songs in them. Most of the books cost $0.50 so I could buy books and not feel bad if Calvin ruined them. I would have liked to spend longer sorting through the books but Calvin was restless. There’s always next year.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin is once again refusing to nap. He skipped a nap two days at daycare last week and then didn’t want to nap over the weekend either. I walked for 1 1/2 hrs yesterday but he insisted on staying perky. Of course, it could have been because it was a little cold outside and he refused to let me wrap him in a blanket. Then, half way back to the car, he took off his socks and shoes and I didn’t notice for several minutes. He objected when I told him we had to put the shoes back on but I told him it was either the shoes or the blanket. He stayed wide awake on the 1/2 hr ride back home until we were turning into our subdivision at which point he slept. So, I had Jaeger bring a book out for me to read in the car while he napped for an hour.
  • I started making supper a little before 5 this evening which apparently wasn’t fast enough for Calvin. He climbed into his high chair before it was time. I popped him out and he climbed back in again. Finally, we gave up and just took a video of him doing it for posterity. He’s a very determined boy.


  • I cleaned out Calvin’s closet again and organized the stuff he’ll no longer need into boxes. The closet looks much better. Of course, this just moves the “Calvin stuff” down to the basement instead of actually getting it out of the house. I have this idea that we should keep baby stuff around until we can give it to someone. However, I’m not sure we want to wait until our friends or relatives start having babies. Some stuff is easy to store but the changing table has got to go . . . somewhere.

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  1. Yanthor

    I *love* that video! I shared the link with Anya before she visited yesterday but she said she hadn’t checked her email so she hadn’t seen my email.


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