Park Visit


  • I started feeling sick Monday evening. Took Calvin to daycare Tuesday, told them he was going to be there the whole day, and went back to bed. Tried to work a couple hours but I was too tired so went back to bed. I woke up at 5pm to pick Calvin up but when I stood up, I threw up. Called Jaeger and asked him to pick up Calvin and deal with Calvin’s evening needs.
  • While I was only really sick on Tuesday, I’ve been really tired all week. As a result, I’ve been sleeping in and only exercised one day this week :-(


  • Started listening to Paladin of Souls by Bujold. I’ve listened to it before but it’s a very good book and I’m once again mesmerized.
  • I’m on the potluck team for this week. In my case, the sole thing I do is make food (normally I’d also help with setup and cleanup but I’m excused since I have Calvin to look after). Usually this means that I’m making something late into the evening the night before. However, this week I managed to split my cooking into two days and finished by supper time. This week I’m taking a Stacked Vegetable Enchilada casserole, South Indian style Peas and Carrots, and Persian Almond Cookies.

Calvin Moment

  • It’s been rainy for the last couple of days so, even if I had felt good enough, I haven’t taken Calvin outside much recently. However, today was a bright and sunny day so I took him to the park. It’s the park that inspired my fear in this post. However, today he didn’t try to climb up the biggest slide by himself so it wasn’t nearly as nerve wracking. Below is a picture of the playground.
  • Calvin enjoys “helping” me in the kitchen. Usually this means anything I do takes twice as long but I’m trying to make the best of it and explain kitchen science to him. Yesterday he helped me make cookies by adding some of the ingredients like baking soda and vanilla. In hindsight, I should have made the cookies after supper. Calvin was so excited by the cookies that he refused to eat the healthier part of his meal. Finally, I got him hooked on eating strawberries instead. I had bought a 2 lb container of strawberries and I believe he ate 3/4-1 lb by himself. I didn’t realize his stomach could fit that much food.
  • I took Calvin to story time at the library last night. This is the first time we’ve tried bedtime story time at our local library (versus the one I work at). Unfortunately, it was the last one until the end of summer. Technically, it’s aimed for kids 3-6 but I decided to take Calvin and just pop out early if it didn’t catch his attention. However, he was enraptured the entire time. At the end, the librarian asked me how old he was and I told her 2. She told me it was obvious I read to him a lot because he was so well behaved (yes, this is more of a “proud parent moment” than a Calvin moment :-) ).


  • I took a box of clothing Calvin no longer needs to our local used children’s clothing store. I’ve bought a fair amount of clothing there but never tried to sell any. I got about $10 for the box so we probably would have come out ahead if I had donated it and taken a tax deduction instead. However, it still was enough to pay for a used board book, Duplo set, and firetruck. Calvin loves both the duplo box and the firetruck and insists they sleep with him in his bed.