He’s Playing with Duplos!


  • I’ve been kind of off the latter part of this week, not sure why. Maybe it’s just the heat.
  • Calvin’s been pretty clingy lately. The last couple of days he clung and cried excessively both when I leave him at daycare and when Jaeger takes him for bedtime stories. It’s very exhausting.


  • I managed to exercise several days this week. I’m not up to my normal routine yet but it’s gotten better.
  • I just finished reading Just Like Heaven, by Julia Quinn, which I enjoyed. Quinn is one of my favorite historical romance authors.

Calvin Moment

  • This week whenever someone asks me how Calvin’s doing I proudly announce, “He’s playing with duplos!” Prior to Tuesday, most of the time Calvin tried to play with duplos he was constantly asking for help in putting them together and taking them apart. This was particularly bad because Calvin’s artistic vision never match Jaeger’s or mine so he’d get really upset when we did things wrong. However, on Tuesday he appears to have figured out how to put them together all by himself. He spent literally hours making “trains” (which in this case are just towers that are next to each other). It was fantastic. I think it’s the first time I’ve been able to make dinner without him crying for him for me to pick him up the entire time or him sitting in front of the TV. The rest of the week didn’t turn out quite as well. However, I’m relieved that he now has the potential to amuse himself for significant periods of time.


  • I spent a lot of time earlier in the week cleaning up the basement. It’s a never-ending job but I did manage to pack 4 boxes for the thrift store. I decided that there wasn’t any point in keeping my maternity clothes and I also packed up all the old toys and books that I didn’t think were worth passing on to any of our friends or family that might have children.

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