Long Weekend


  • Calvin is still pretty clingy. Fortunately, he isn’t crying as much when I drop him off at daycare. However, right at 5:30 for the last couple of nights he starts clinging to me and refuses to let go. It makes finishing supper prep and eating tricky.
  • I haven’t been exercising as much as I should. Part of this is due to my sleep getting disrupted in various ways. First, Calvin vomited in the middle of the night last week and then fireworks started going off culminating on Monday night. The last couple of nights I have slept reasonably and so have been able to get up and exercise.


  • On Sunday we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park and went hiking. Because of the crowds, we parked in Estes Park and took the shuttle bus to the main parking lot and then another one to our trail head. This ate up a fair amount of time. However, for Calvin this was the highlight of the experience. He did appear to enjoy hiking but he was really excited about the bus rides.
  • I’m so glad libraries exist. It’s been miserably hot outside so instead of playing outside, Calvin and I have been visiting libraries. Longmont has a train set in the children’s room that Calvin particularly enjoys.

Calvin Moment

  • Calvin is starting to count. I don’t think he really understands the concept yet though. For instance, tonight we were reading Finicky Felicia in a cat poem book. There’s a picture of 4 birds on the page so I suggested he counted them. He pointed at the first one and counted “one,” the second one “two”, the third one “three,” and then for the fourth one he pointed and said, “four, five six!”


  • I cleaned out my pants drawer and put all the pants that no longer fit or look ghastly in the thrift store box.

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