Every day I think, “I should write an update for my life.” However, by suppertime I’m rarely coherent enough to write anything. I don’t feel coherent at the moment either but should probably jot some sentences down.

Not surprisingly, life got very busy around the holidays.

  • Work got a little insane in the rush to try to finish every project before the last two weeks of December when it’s hard to get anything useful done.
  • It seems a tradition that Calvin have problems sleeping in November/December. This year was no exception. As a result, I often ended up too tired to get up any earlier than I absolutely had to. Unfortunately, this basically eliminated my morning exercising which makes the rest of the day seem less productive.
  • The Logan’s all congregated here for Christmas. It was a tight squeeze but mostly worked.
  • This was the first year that Calvin really got into Christmas. Though, he doesn’t seem to know what to think about a person dressed like Santa Claus yet. Jaeger and I aren’t big proponents of presenting Santa as “real” but it’s incredibly hard to get everyone else on board with this philosophy. In any case, Calvin really enjoyed the presents and got more than is probably good for him :-)
  • After Christmas, we went to visit my parents in Washington. Calvin got Christmas part 2. My mom went a little crazy with buying Duplos on ebay and as such, Calvin now has a fantastic Duplo collection. I don’t think Duplos can ever be better than Legos but we still have enough pieces to do reasonable projects now. For example, the train viaduct Jaeger built for Calvin. Calvin can also to pretty reasonable projects at this point but still typically has structural integrity issues to deal with.
  • Jaeger and I left Calvin with Grandma and went up to Seattle for a couple of days. It was nice to get away but I did have a bit of niggling worry in my head the entire time. I’m not much for big cities, Boulder is too big for my tastes, but Seattle seems pretty decent for a big city. I love the hills. I feel like I can get a good workout just walking a couple of blocks :-)
  • Saturday evening we got back to my mom’s house and Calvin glued himself to me for the rest of the evening. In fact, he seems awfully clingy ever since. I’m starting to think the couple of alone days might not have been a good idea. This makes me nervous about our Hong Kong plans next year . . .
  • Both the flight to and from Washington went really well. I think it may have been the best plan trip ever. Calvin didn’t really fuss at all during the trip. Plus, we survived it all without any potty accidents. Calvin was amused by the airplane toilet which I think helped.
  • Since we’ve gotten back, Calvin has been sleeping very poorly. He is taking forever to fall asleep and waking up in the middle of the night and insisting on sleeping with me. This is exhausting for everyone concerned.
  • We’re working on getting the house ready for sale. We’re hoping to move down to north Boulder in spring or summer this year. We’ve been donating boxes of stuff that for some reason we thought we needed at one point and now know we don’t. It’s amazing how much junk we’ve accumulated. It’s really true that your stuff expands to fit whatever space you have available.

I’ve sure much more has been happening but my brain isn’t cooperating and coming up with any more bullet points. Calvin continues to be cute, frustrating, and lovable. Sometimes I alternate between exasperation and pride within seconds of each other. At least he keeps our life interesting.

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