Scot Carpenter Park, Boulder, CO

One Sunday, a couple of weeks back, the weather went from being oppressively hot to comfortable temperatures with a slight drizzle. I jumped at the opportunity to go outside in reasonably nice weather and decided to take Calvin to the park.

Calvin had asked me the previous day if we could go to the “rocket park”. He meant the Scott Carpenter Park which is probably most famous for the 4-story rocket. When he was younger Calvin had to be coached up by daddy. However, now he blithely scrambles to the top by himself.


Upon first entering the park, there are two large metal discs that allow you to make echoes.


The rocket is the most prominent feature in the playground. However, it has quite a few different play areas.


There’s a sand area that I think is suppose to be moon-crater-like.


Calvin enjoyed scrambling up the rock.


Even though Calvin is comfortable with the biggest structures now, he still likes scrambling through the little toddler tunnels.


There’s also a couple of space-themed spring riders. This one is a two-seater that he convinced me to hop on with him after the picture.


All-in-all, it’s a very nice park. The only slight downside is it’s so popular it can become mobbed.


Features 4-story rocket!, sand pit, playground equipment for everyone from toddlers to older children, swings, bucket swings, spring riders, slides, spiral slide, covered slide, double slide, echo panels, ladders, climbing nets, fireman poles
Surface Material Mostly pea gravel but some poured rubber
Restrooms I think there are restrooms, or at least a porta-potty but I forget to check for sure. The Scott Carpenter pool is right next to the playground and they must have restrooms there.
Water fountain Not sure
Shade Shaded shelter with picnic tables. However, none of the playground equipment is shaded and it’s of older materials and may get hot.
Picnic area There is one covered shelter with picnic tables.
Parking Parking lot for both the park, the pool, and everything else in the area.
  • Rocket!
  • Has a nice variety of things for children to play on regardless of age.
  • Can be very crowded at times.

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